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NDS EMULATOR for Android

Tiger King has developed 6 other emulators for Android, mostly geared around Gameboy devices and general Nintendo devices. His newest emulator, Tiger Lab, is in very early beta development but he has decided to release it as more of a Proof-of-Concept. Tiger Labs is a Nintendo DS emulator.
While, as we mentioned, this is in early beta, like really early beta, you will be able to play Nintendo DS roms on your Android device using Tiger Lab. It will also be very slow, but that comes with the territory of being a very early beta release.
Notes from the developer:
  • It is very very slow so you shall not expect to play NDS game with this emulator.
  • It is used to DEMO that NDS game can be played on android phone

screenshot take by me as OP.
How to use/play/demo the Tiger Lab Nintendo DS Emulator:
  • Put your nds ROM files to /roms/nds folder in sdcard. Note. zip nds rom is not supported, you shall extract them to be *.nds files
  • Launch TigerNDS which will load those NDS roms in game list
  • Select one game and play
*OP note: if the game is not play, first play with the low games like harvest moon etc, then your game.

Pretty simple instructions but the developer does warn, multiple times, the speed if very slow right now even on high-end phones. So while you may get a game or two to play, somewhat, on Tiger Lab, you probably won't get to do a whole lot. As a Proof-of-Concept though, this is awesome.
It is only available for a limited time on the Android Market so if you want to get it and try it out, better do it now! Tiger King has a lot planned for it so we will be following the development as it progresses.
Website Referenced: Pocket Now
Developer Website: N/A
Download: NDS EMULATOR FOR ANDROID (mediafire) 
pass: dzero-tech

nds rom  herehttp://www.rom-freaks.net/nds-roms-0-desc-name-.html
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Hebat banget klo Android bisa beneran mainin game"nya Nintendo DS nanti. Sayang ya ini masih protoype doang :) Thanks for sharing!

iah gan, semoga selalu ada perkembangannya,
mungkin ada alasan" tertentu knp developmentnya lambat..

tolong gunakan kata-kata yang bijak dan sopan
terima kasih/please use the words of a wise and courteous
thank you ^_^

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